HP Samsung Cloud Print App

Samsung Cloud Print is a free cloud service that allows you to print from your smartphone or tablet to your Samsung printer or MFP.

Software details

iOS 8.0 or later

Product description

HP Samsung Cloud Print App

Samsung Cloud Print

Scan and Print from Any Device, Anytime

In living your life, you are constantly on the move and connected to your mobile device. Mobile life is fun, and moving work can be equally enjoyable even stress-free. If you work out of the office or travel frequently for business purposes, the more you can use and depend on the mobile device the better.

What is cloud printing?

Cloud printing is a form of mobile printing that lets users print directly from a computer or mobile device via the cloud. In the cloud, you can save documents to use and more easily. Once you connect your mobile device to the printer, you can start by sending print jobs to the printer from anywhere, even from outside the network printer.

With Samsung Cloud Print, you only need a few simple steps to enjoy this benefit. Creating an account only needs to download the Samsung Cloud Print mobile app, authenticate your account with your phone number, and pair your phone with a printer with NFC.

What can you do with Samsung Cloud Print?

On the road to work in the morning, your boss e-mails you, saying that the 11 am meeting has been withdrawn until 9:10. So you open a meeting agenda that’s stored in your cloud and print it. When you get to the office, you pick up five copies of the agenda waiting for you in the printer tray.

  • Printing From Anywhere in the Office
    You are consulting with clients, and there are other products you want to explain to them. You do not want to leave your clients waiting when you go to your desk to print product sheets, so you pull up the files you’ve saved in the Samsung Cloud Print app, hit prints, and send messages to your apprentice employees to bring prints -About you.
  • Printing from any Device in the Head Office
    You need to present a report at work the next day, and you end up completing a home report on your laptop. You do not have a color printer at home, so you upload a finished job using the Samsung Cloud Print PC app. The next morning on your way to work, you print a report from your Samsung Cloud Print mobile app so you can pick it up on the road to the meeting.

With Samsung Cloud Print, you can make a big difference in how your workflows throughout the day. Download from Samsung GALAXY Apps, Google Play, or the iOS App Store and try it out.

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